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5 License Types Under The MMFLA

On May 17, 2018, the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) released inspection guides for all 5 license types under the MMFLA (i.e. provisioning centers, growers, secured transporters, processing centers, and safety compliance centers).  These guides serve as the definitive checklist that all Michigan medical marijuana facilities must follow in order to be approved for a Michigan medical marijuana business license.

Link to grower guide

Link to processor guide

Link to provisioning center guide

Link to secured transporter guide

Link to safety compliance center guide

These guides are drafted to be specific to each type of business entity.  For example, some of the important aspects of the provisioning center inspection guide include:

  1. The inspection process for dispensaries in Michigan;
  2. The process regarding if and when a dispensary has a duty to notify and report an issue to LARA;

  3. The regulations controlling the sale or transfer of marijuana product in dispensaries;

  4. The rules governing the operation of Growers, Processors, and Dispensaries in the same facility;

  5. Regulations regarding hiring and terminating employees and managers; and

  6. Specific provisions regarding the storage of medical marijuana product.

license types under the MMFLA

These inspection guides include complex and detailed information which are vital to the success of your MMFLA application. If you are considering obtaining a medical marijuana facility license for a Michigan marijuana business, we recommend that you call an experienced Michigan medical marijuana attorney to go over the requirements in the inspection guide today.


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