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Jomi is one of our Law Clerks at Scott F. Roberts Law, PLC.  He earned his Bachelor of Science from Central Michigan University where he double majored in Sociology and Criminal Justice. Most recently, he graduated Cum Laude from Western Michigan University Cooley Law School in Lansing Michigan, and took the Michigan Bar Exam in July. Jomi is currently awaiting his Bar results, and joined our team with hopes of becoming one of our licensed attorneys. While in law school, he exhibited great leadership as he served as the President of the Student Bar Association. Jomi says, “One of the greatest things I learned as President of the SBA, is how to manage a team of leaders. Every individual has their own unique way in which their leadership is activated. Being the President challenged me to pull that leadership out from every member of my board, so we could deliver high quality service to the larger student body.” Jomi was also an associate editor on the Cooley Law Review. Being a member of the most prestigious organization within the law school allowed him to hone in on his writing and editing. 

In his free time, Jomi enjoys watching sports — particularly, he enjoys watching the National Basketball Association, and is a fan of Lebron James. He also enjoys watching the National Football League. He is a longtime fan of the Washington Football Team. To keep things interesting, he has partaken in fantasy football for the past seven years. In addition to sports, Jomi is also passionate about exercise and living an active lifestyle. Activities like lifting weights, running, and hiking are all what helps him unwind. Additionally, he is interested in politics and policy. He tries to keep up with congress, and the way that our elected officials make decisions. Jomi says “Being civically engaged is a crucial part of every citizen’s responsibility. No matter what your political stance is, it is important to find at least one political issue that interests you, and follow it.” We believe Jomi is well on his way to becoming a great Cannabis attorney, and we look forward to him receiving great news from the State Bar of Michigan. With an interest leaning toward litigation, look for Jomi to be at the forefront of any legal dispute that may arise for you. Jomi’s apt to learn, combined with his work ethic make him more than capable of assisting you in whatever your case requires.



From — State Bar of Michigan 

Date Anticipated — November 2020



School — Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant MI; Western Michigan University Cooley Law School

Graduated — 2017; 2020

Work Experience:

Company Name — Scott Roberts Law

Title — Law Clerk

Duration — August 2020 – Present

Company Name — National Association of Attorneys General

Title — Law Clerk

Duration — May 2019 – August 2019

Company Name — Michigan Supreme Court

Title — Law Clerk

Duration — March 2018 – May 2019

Company Name — Macomb County Circuit Court 

Title — Law Clerk

Duration — May 2017 – August 2017

Wayne County Community College District

Title — Administrative Intern

Duration — June 2012 – August 2016

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