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Marijuana Business Lawyers of Ann Arbor

At Scott Roberts Law, PLC, our Cannabis Business Lawyers are broadly knowledgeable about the complicated local, state, and national laws that surround the Ann Arbor Cannabis Industry. We’re prepared to assist you to understand what laws are applicable to your situation and how to help your company succeed and remain 100% compliant!

This industry is evolving and there are plenty of significant and complex hurdles that anyone operating a business in the Ann Arbor Cannabis Business may face. Between communicating with LARA, navigating the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act, or “MMFLA”, and understanding the constantly changing laws surrounding not just Cannabis in Ann Arbor, but also CBD and Hemp, we suggest arming yourself with the knowledge and sense of security a Cannabis Business Attorney can provide.

Whether you are starting a new cannabis business, working towards the longevity of your licensed facilities, or looking to expand into the new field of Marijuana Microbusinesses, we are here to help!

How do I start a Cannabis Business in Ann Arbor?

Making a place for yourself on your own in this industry won’t be easy. Our blog has several great resources for both beginning and veteran Cannabis Business Owners, including help with how to navigate the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act, or “MMFLA”, how to secure Banking in the Cannabis Industry, what the new regulations mean for Hemp and CBD Businesses, and much, much more.

With so much changing in this field and such great opportunities on the horizon, we suggest securing yourself a personalized experience with a lawyer that understands your needs and whose background reflects your interests in the Ann Arbor Cannabis Industry.

Why work with our Cannabis Business Lawyers?

At Scott Roberts Law, PLC, it is our mission to help our clients navigate the complicated landscape of Michigan Cannabis Business Law. We know how difficult it can be to do this without experienced help, and we want to see you have a chance in this industry today. Although we do not handle criminal matters, we can assist you with starting the right business for you, sourcing legal financing, finding a real estate space, navigating municipal law, and keeping your business compliant and thriving from then on. We provide numerous services for storefront and delivery retail dispensaries, operators, cultivators, distributors, testing facilities, micro businesses, and all other ancillary cannabis-related businesses. We are familiar with regulations surrounding not just cannabis, but Hemp and CBD in Michigan as well as edibles, extracts and more. Our partnership with Michigan Cannabis Properties means that we can also assist landowners, renters, leasees, prospective buyers and more.Not sure if we offer the Ann Arbor Cannabis Business Services you need? Contact our team at Scott Roberts Law to find out!

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