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MMFLA Part 2 Applications – What’s a Facility Plan?

One of the biggest components of the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA) Part 2 application is the “facility plan”. However, as the Part 2 application is a complete overview of your proposed marijuana business, you might be wondering what else could be involved in preparing a facility plan?

The facility plan requirement is outlined in Rule 8 of the Emergency Rules created by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). The rule states that a Michigan marijuana facility plan shall include the following:

  • The type of proposed marijuana facility, location, and description of the municipality,
  • If the applicant is seeking to stack MMFLA licenses,
  • Proof of common ownership (such as a deed, lease, or purchase agreement),
  • Diagrams of the facility showing the dimensions, exits, and main structures,
  • Floor plans of the facility,
  • Any construction details for new structures, and
  • Building structure information and zoning classification.

The rule also includes a requirement for a “proposed security plan that demonstrates the proposed marihuana facility must meet the security requirements under Rule 27”. This portion of the facility plan is one of the most important aspects of your application, as LARA wants to ensure that licensees are meeting the rigorous standards they have set for securing medical marijuana products and making the medical marijuana businesses less likely to be targeted for crime.

Michigan marijuana facility

The security measures require video surveillance, alarm systems, commercial grade locks, and enforcing limited access restrictions in the facility, but a good security plan will also detail the processes that the medical marijuana business will take to ensure that medical marijuana product is not obtained by non-patients.

There are Marijuana companies that sell Michigan Marijuana Facility Plan templates online for several thousands of dollars. These companies should be avoided as the facility plan templates are often sold at exorbitant costs and are not tailored to the operations of your medical marijuana business. For the cost of one of these templates, you could likely have an experienced Marijuana business lawyer draft a fully compliant facility plan tailored to your operations.

Regardless of the type of license, you are seeking, or whether you use a Part 2 facility plan template, it can be time-intensive to compile all of the information needed to draft a cohesive report for LARA’s consideration. If you are looking to start your MMFLA Part 2 application, we recommend speaking with an experienced medical marijuana business attorney who can help ensure that your application meets and exceeds LARA’s requirements, giving your marijuana business the best chance to get a license.


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