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MRA expands the marijuana adult-use market

Come one, come all, the Michigan adult-use market is growing! 

For months Andrew Brisbo, the director of the MRA, has strongly hinted that changes were coming to the adult-use licensing process. As Michigan cannabis attorneys, Scott Roberts Law, anticipated that the adult-use market would be expanding, but without any official word there was nothing to do but wait. On October 6, 2020, the MRA has finally made an official announcement that they would be expanding the eligibility for adult-use licenses. Starting March 1, 2021, the MRA will begin accepting adult-use applications from anyone interested in throwing their hat in the ring. 

Up until this point, a majority of the available adult-use licenses could only be obtained by those already licensed under MMFLA. That meant only limited types of licenses were available to those without an operating medical facility. This included the MRTMA Class A 100 plant grow license, event license, or marijuana microbusiness license. Per MRTMA, the MRA was given a year to determine if the other license types should be made available for any applicant. November 1, 2020 will mark one year since the MRA started accepting adult-use applications and the state has yet to see a slowdown. Cannabis businesses continue to pop up and consumers keep wanting more. This created the perfect opportunity for MRA to step in and open the door to the marijuana industry to more entrants in the marijuana industry here in Michigan.

Changing up the licensing process will not only allow more Michigan cannabis businesses to enter the adult-use cannabis market but will also provide greater access to marijuana throughout the state, thus creating a win-win situation. In order for this to be the game-changing scenario it can be, municipalities will need to follow suit. There are several municipalities that have welcomed marijuana businesses with open arms while others have been more hesitant. This hesitation is no longer paying off. In their announcement, the MRA calls for greater municipal participation. This will require many municipalities to reevaluate their ordinances prior to March 2021. Whether that means removing a cap on the number of licenses available or allowing marijuana businesses for the first time, the State is urging municipalities to get on board with adult-use marijuana. 

With so much happening in the Michigan cannabis industry, now is the time to start getting involved. As Michigan cannabis attorneys, we are excited to continue helping marijuana businesses enter the Michigan market. From cannabis real estate needs to business structuring, we can handle it all. Start thinking about what license you would like to apply for today.


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