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Practical Business Law Solutions For The Real World


Scott F. Roberts Law is a client first business, real estate and cannabis law firm located in Detroit, Michigan. That means we put your needs, requests, and intentions at the forefront of every service we provide. We assist current, future, and prospective business owners in establishing themselves in the cannabis, CBD and hemp industries, as well as represent businesses through an array of industries such as real estate management and investment companies.

Mr. Roberts is a leading expert in Michigan’s cannabis market and has spoken at numerous industry events here in Michigan. He is also the state’s utmost authority on the Michigan marijuana “microbusiness” license. What sets us apart is that we are business, real estate, and municipal lawyers first and foremost—it’s literally all we do. While we can’t represent you on criminal matters like other “cannabis business law firms”, our job is to ensure that you never need a criminal attorney ever again!

Scott F. Roberts Law works extensively in the cannabis industry and currently represents numerous successful and soon to be successful cannabis industry businesses in Michigan. Our goal with each client is to make sure we put them in as best a position as possible to be successful. That means keeping you in total compliance with all state and municipal guidelines, guiding your company through the MMFLA application process, and helping you acquire the best real estate for your situation.

In the cannabis industry, whether medical or recreational, there are extensive laws, rules, regulations and ordinances that marijuana companies need to adhere to. Our cannabis business attorneys are able to walk you through every step of the process to make sure you are in compliance with all guidelines that apply to your marijuana company. Whether you are applying for a state or municipal MMFLA license, buying or selling a cannabis business, or acquiring real estate, we have you covered every step of the way.


The cannabis attorneys at Scott F. Roberts Law take a client centered approach to dealing with your business matters. That means as a client, you have the total and complete support of our entire law firm. This also means that if you reach out to our firm with questions or concerns we will get back to you quickly. Our team of attorneys and legal professionals will coordinate internally to ensure you receive the best advice, support, and assistance as possible. This approach has helped our law firm continually grow our client base over the past four years.

We believe that in order to offer our cannabis clients the best service in the arena of medical and recreational marijuana, we must be continually expanding our knowledge in this area. To that effect, we send out weekly updates of state and local municipality rulings on all things cannabis, including recaps of new municipal opportunities. The purpose of these services is to keep our cannabis business clients as informed as possible on new municipal opportunities. We understand that as business people our clients are looking to be in the most advantageous position possible. Continual updates about the newest developments in the medical and recreational marijuana industry helps to keep our clients ahead of the crowd.


At Scott F. Roberts Law, we are not just cannabis business attorneys, we are hemp and CBD attorneys as well. We represent CBD wholesalers and retailers here in Michigan, as well as business looking to enter into commercial hemp production and processing. As one of the leading hemp and CBD law firms in the state, we strive to represent our clients in the entire “cannabis sativa industry”, and this includes hemp and hemp products such as CBD. We are working with local and state government to ensure that our clients can acquire the licenses, property, and clearances required to enter Michigan’s burgeoning commercial hemp market.


Whatever your goal is, we will make that our goal too! Our entire law firm is dedicated to the continued success and growth of our cannabis, hemp, real estate, and business clients. Whether you are interested in the steadily growing medical marijuana industry, the soon to be booming recreational marijuana industry, or industrial hemp production, our licensed cannabis attorneys are here to assist you. Our attorneys have a deep understanding of Michigan’s medical and recreational marijuana laws as well as plenty of experience in Michigan’s cannabis industry. We stand ready to assist you in any cannabis related business ventures you may have.

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Scott F. Roberts Law was founded in 2014 with the goal of provided value-based, client-centric legal services to companies doing business in the State of Michigan. The firm has become a leader in the field of Medical Marijuana Business Law, with the firm representing over dozens of clients looking to operate a licensed Medical Marijuana company under the State of Michigan’s facility licensing law.

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