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About Us

At Scott F. Roberts Law, PLC, we will never treat those interested or involved in the marijuana businesses as back-burner clients. Oftentimes, people hear that other firms represent companies across a broad range of industries, which will occasionally happen to include marijuana, CBD, etc. Unlike those other firms, we only represent clients within our areas of expertise and tailor our approach to the unique needs of every individual.

We currently represent a multitude of small-to-medium sized businesses and organizations, whether they are local, national, or international. The attorneys at Scott F. Roberts Law offer quality legal representation and utilize hourly and alternative fee billing arrangements for all your business and planning needs.

Our History

Scott F. Roberts Law, PLC was founded in 2014 with the goal of providing legal services that cater to companies conducting business in the State of Michigan. The firm has become a leader in the fields of both Medical and Recreational Marijuana Business Law, with the firm representing over 20 groups looking to operate a licensed marijuana company under the State of Michigan’s facility licensing laws.


Give us a call! Our office will be happy to set up an initial client meeting with you to go over your goals for representation, and how we can help you achieve them. Once you have had an opportunity to meet our team and all your questions have been answered, you’ll be provided with an engagement letter for your signature. An engagement letter is a standard document used by most law firms, which states that we are agreeing to enter into an attorney-client relationship and the scope of representation. After the engagement letter has been signed, and our retainer fee has been paid, we will be able to start working towards achieving your objectives.

We are happy to process your payment via cash, credit, check or wire transfer. Please keep in mind that if you choose to pay with a credit card, you will be subject to a nominal 2.5% processing fee.

You can always reach our office via phone at (248) 243-4510.

Parking is available behind the Masonic Temple. The service road is on second street. Second street, when looking at the front of the Temple, is to the right. Turn down the service road behind the Temple and the lot is to the left of the receiving entrance.


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