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Cannabis Merger and Acquisition Attorneys

Cannabis businesses are emerging acquisition targets for both multi-state operators as well as local cannabis companies looking to expand their footprint. With the cannabis market being one of the fastest growing industries in Michigan, we expect merger and acquisition (or “M & A”) activity to increase. The Cannabis Merger and Acquisition Attorneys at Scott Roberts Law are here to help both local companies and MSOs with their Michigan Cannabis M & A transactions. 

Whether you are looking to expand your cannabis business through acquisitions, or looking to cash out of the industry, our Cannabis M & A attorneys are here to walk you through the legal process for buying or selling a Michigan cannabis business. Scott Roberts has significant M & A experience in the corporate medical field. Mr. Roberts worked as a big firm corporate healthcare lawyer during the healthcare M & A boom that followed passage of the ACA and has worked on dozens of mergers and acquisitions ranging in size from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars. 

In addition, Scott Roberts Law has been active in Cannabis real estate and cannabis business acquisitions since the implementation of the MMFLA. We’ve represented property owners, cannabis real estate developers, cannabis start-ups, and multi-state operators in acquiring cannabis real estate and MMFLA / MRTMA licenses. Our team of Cannabis M & A attorneys are dedicated to guiding you through the entire process, from the initial term sheet to deal closing. 

We know that buying or selling a business is difficult, and that it can be even more difficult in the cannabis space due to the complex web of laws and regulations governing the industry. Having an experienced legal advisor is essential to navigating the legal issues that typically arise in Cannabis mergers and acquisitions, such as: 

  • Deal structuring
  • MMFLA and MRTMA municipal license transfers
  • MMFLA and MRTMA state licensing
  • Restrictive covenants

While many M & A attorneys will claim to be able to handle Cannabis M & A transactions, doing so takes in-depth knowledge in both corporate law as well as Michigan Cannabis laws. Questions often arise whether a license transfer is possible while utilizing an Asset Purchase Agreement structure (hint: it usually is); or whether a Membership Purchase or Stock Purchase Agreement structure is best for a particular situation. If an attorney doesn’t know the intricacies of MMFLA and MRTMA licensing, you may not get the best legal advice for your transaction. Our extensive knowledge of Michigan cannabis laws, our experience as corporate attorneys, and our experience working on dozens of similar M & A transactions makes us the perfect fit for any Michigan Cannabis M & A transaction. 

In short, successful mergers and acquisitions are about finding the right fit for you and your needs. Here at Scott Roberts, we are focused on doing just that. With our team of experienced cannabis business attorneys, we will walk you through every step of the M & A process, from term sheet to closing.

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