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Business Disputes and Litigation

At Scott F. Roberts Law, PLC, we focus on obtaining the best possible outcome for our clients, not our own billings. We work closely with clients to understand the intricacies of their businesses, identify legal claims, and mitigate legal risk. Mr. Roberts has assembled a team of civil and criminal litigators capable of handling any type of dispute. Our team of litigators work across all types of litigation, from simple contract disputes and collections, to messy and complex disagreements over the ownership or control of family businesses.

Scott F. Roberts Law combines Mr. Roberts’ expertise in resolving business disputes before they go to court with a team of aggressive, seasoned business litigators ready to fight for your business. We offer clients the option of value-based, hourly billing as well as contingency billing, meaning we only get paid when you do.

Business Disputes Litigation

As an experienced business lawyer and business consultant, Mr. Roberts emphasizes practical solutions with a keen eye on client value. Call now or use the contact form below to schedule your free attorney consultation.

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