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Michigan CBD and Hemp Lawyers

The laws governing CBD and hemp in Michigan are convoluted and complex. At Scott F. Roberts Law, we help CBD wholesalers, retailers and producers navigate the complicated and occasionally contradictory state and federal laws governing the production and sale of CBD in Michigan. With all of the uncertainty surrounding LARA’s surprise guidance document stating CBD would be regulated like Marijuana, Michigan CBD businesses are in need of legal and regulatory guidance now more than ever. Our partnership with McAllister Garfield, a national cannabis law firm with its own devoted Hemp and CBD practice group, ensures that clients are getting the best possible advice from legal experts with years of experience working in the hemp and CBD industry.

At Scott F. Roberts Law, we don’t just help our CBD clients with legal and regulatory issues. As seasoned business attorneys with experience helping companies operate in grey markets like the state’s medical marijuana market, we are able to provide valuable business advice that goes beyond strictly legal or regulatory requirements. We help position businesses for the future and advise them not just on what the law is, but also where it’s going and how best to position your company in new markets.

When it comes to Michigan CBD law, few firms or Michigan CBD attorneys have written as extensively on issues affecting state CBD businesses as Scott F. Roberts Law. Scott F. Roberts is an industry leading expert on CBD law in Michigan and represents several CBD wholesalers and retailers in the state, both online and brick and mortar.  Few law firms have helped more Michigan CBD companies navigate the convoluted laws surrounding the production and sale of CBD as  Scott F. Roberts Law, PLC.

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What Makes the CBD Attorneys at Scott F. Roberts Law Stand Apart?

We help CBD companies assess market risk and position their businesses for the future. Whether it is advising CBD businesses on potential changes in the law, or protecting CBD producers from arbitrary police crackdowns, the attorneys at Scott F. Roberts Law stand-apart in their representation of CBD businesses.

In Michigan, the legality of CBD depends on how it was produced and where it was sold. CBD that can be legally sold by one retailer oftentimes cannot be legally sold by another retailer. We are able to provide formal legal opinions on the legality of deriving CBD from different sources and selling CBD through different retailers.

How did we get so knowledgeable? Mr. Roberts started out practicing business and healthcare law at an AM200 (i.e. really big) law firm in Metro Detroit. He honed his business law skills for four years before leaving to start Scott F. Roberts Law, a boutique-business law firm. While he started off representing companies across an array of industries, he found his services were most needed in the state’s burgeoning medical marijuana market. He saw that Michigan medical marijuana businesses were being represented by criminal lawyers who lacked the business background and experience to truly advance their clients’ businesses interests. He was also appalled by the number of unincorporated sole proprietorships he saw as well as all the legal falsehoods and half-truths that were permeating the industry.

Mr. Roberts and Scott F. Roberts Law now represent dozens of businesses in the Michigan medical marijuana industry. Similar to his experience with the Michigan medical marijuana industry, Mr. Roberts saw that his services were needed in the burgeoning CBD industry, which is operating much like the medical marijuana industry prior to the licensing law. Like medical marijuana, the legality of CBD both on the state level and federally is unclear and constantly changing with every new court decision and advisory document. It is therefore crucial that CBD businesses are being advised on the constantly changing laws governing CBD production and sales.

Also similar to medical marijuana, we expect Michigan’s hemp and CBD industries to take off in the near future due to anticipated changes in the laws regulating commercial hemp production in Michigan.  We believe that the stage is set for a boon in commercial hemp production in Michigan as well as CBD legally derived from commercial hemp. With such changes expected to take place by the end of 2018, now is the time to start looking into commercial hemp and CBD production in Michigan.

Scott F. Roberts Law is the perfect law firm for businesses and individuals looking to enter the commercial hemp and CBD industries. Our mix of business, real estate, and cannabis law experience makes us the perfect law firm to represent hemp producers, CBD producers, and CBD wholesalers and retailers in Michigan.If you operate or plan on starting a CBD or hemp business here in Michigan, Call the CBD attorneys at Scott F. Roberts Law today for a free legal consultation.

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