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Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Attorneys

Compliance is crucial to every business’ success, especially so in the overregulated market that is the Michigan cannabis industry. At Scott Roberts Law, you are able to take advantage of the fact that the focus of our attorneys is on the various cannabis laws and regulations. Whether you are a dispensary, a grower, a processor, a safety testing facility, a secure transporter, event licensee, or microbusiness, we are able to accomodate our large cannabis client base to provide cost effective updates and advice. 

As a client of Scott Roberts Law, you will receive firm-wide emails alerting you to changes in the law or rules. This includes not just state level legal updates, but also weekly municipal updates as well. You will also be able to take advantage of our large client base and the fact that we likely have already dealt with the regulatory issue your cannabis company is experiencing. For example, we sent out COVID-19 construction letters to approximately ten municipalities in order to ensure our clients could continue constructing their cannabis facilities during Michigan’s shelter in place order. This meant that we were able to spread out the time charges for drafting the letters among ten different clients, meaning they would only pay a small fraction of what they otherwise would have paid. 

The cannabis world is full of complicated laws, regulations, and agency guidance. In Michigan, the regulatory rules of the road for the cannabis industry can change on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. What MRA permits one day may become a sanctionable license violation the next. It’s not easy keeping up with Michigan’s constantly evolving cannabis laws and rules, and one misstep has the potential to cost your business its cannabis license. The cannabis regulatory attorneys at Scott Roberts Law are here to provide you with the proper legal guidance to make sure your business is operating in complete compliance with MMFLA and MRTMA rules and regulations. 

Let’s be honest – without proper understanding of the MRA rules and regulations, it can be easy to make honest mistakes that can lead to citations and even license sanctions, especially without proper legal guidance. At Scott Roberts Law, our Cannabis regulatory attorneys make sure your cannabis business stays complaint as the laws and rules governing the industry continue to evolve. This means alerting you to changes in the law as they happen, bulletin-by-bulletin, as well as making sure that every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed. It is important for your business facility and business model to follow current regulations from the very beginning in order to obtain the proper licensure. Once your business obtains the proper licensing, it is even more important to stay up to date on all laws, policies, and regulations. Our experienced, detail-oriented staff is happy to work with you and your business to make sure everything is in proper order, from prequalification to compliance, and everything in between. Our goal is to see you and your business succeed and to develop a long-term relationship spanning the life of your cannabis business. Contact Scott Roberts Law today to set up a low-cost regulatory compliance consultation today!

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