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Business Services

Scott F. Roberts Law offers additional non-legal business services to his clients. Such services include registered agent services and free notarization of documents belonging to existing clients. As an attorney, Mr. Roberts currently serves as Secretary for two Michigan corporations.

Having worked closely with dozens of businesses, he is able to council his clients on both legal and business matters. Mr. Roberts works with several consulting companies, including software consulting companies, business consulting companies, and healthcare consulting companies, all of whom are also his clients. By working closely with a seasoned team of consultants and professional advisers, he is able to provide the full array of business services to his clients.  He works closely with Jim Hiller of Hiller Consulting Group, who ran the successful supermarket chain Hiller’s Market for 25 years before recently selling his business to Kroger.

Unlike most of his competitors, Mr. Roberts is able to provide businesses with fixed cost business and legal consulting both through his firm and in partnership with Hiller Consulting Group. By paying a fixed transaction cost or fixed monthly rate, you no longer have to worry about the cost of calling a lawyer to discuss a potential legal problem or even just bouncing an idea off a fellow business owner.

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